کوه پدری

There is no translation available. کوه پَدرْی،در حومه شهرستان جم از توابع استان بوشهر و در نیمه راه سیراف به جم قرار دارد.

رود مند

There is no translation available.رود مند با طول 725 کیلومتر، مهم‌ترین و پرآب‌ترین رودخانه استان بوشهر است و از ارتفاعات شمال شرقی کازرون (کوه انار) و ارتفاعات شمال غربی شیراز سرچشمه می‌گیرد. قسمت علیای این رود «قره آغاج» نامیده می‌شود که از پیوستن رودهای شور خورموج، سنا، فیروزآباد، دشت پلنگ…

Iranam Zibast

 We are going to provide the conditions for the growth and prosperity of the country's tourism industry by providing the appropriate accommodation.

In this way, by moving the tourism industry and developing the process of effective and continuous communication between decision-makers and decision-makers in the field of tourism, we will see the realization of the goals of the resistance economy and ultimately the growth and development of the Islamic Iran.

In order to achieve this strategic and national goal, undoubtedly, institutions and government agencies, on the one hand, investors and tourists, hotels and tourists, travel agencies and ... on the other hand, will have an unparalleled role.

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