East Azarbaijan souvenirs

Tabriz souvenirs like many other cities in Iran are from handicrafts or food products. The best handicraft in Tabriz city is one of its famous leather shoes and the other is Tabriz's carpet, which is a popular brand. Of course, traveling to the city of Tabriz, there is also a possibility to buy handicrafts of nearby towns that are sold in the Tabriz market; beautiful handicrafts such as scarves and Occo fabrics, pottery, porcelain ceramics, and mosquitoes.

Tabriz's famous souvenirs are Tabriz's famous sweets and nuts. In addition, we introduce the souvenirs of Tabriz to introduce the visitors to Tabriz and travelers who are visiting their destination.


Traditional tabriz is Tabriz, which has been sponsored by its many fans, and has also invigorated the cuisines of other cities. This expensive and expensive pastry is cooked like noodles, flour and grilled beans, and other than the brain, white sugar and egg are the main ingredients for it. The usual brain is the preparation of almonds, but also peanuts and peanuts are produced.


This sweetness, also known as the local dialect called "Luca", is an international pastry that is also produced in many countries such as Italy and France, and is very similar to Gaz. There are several types of varieties that vanilla and cocoa are most commonly known. This candy cane is made with egg and honey whipped and used in pistachio or walnut.


Tabriz's old pastries are called "sweet whistles" in the local dialect. The main ingredients are Reese, Milk, Sugar and Pistachio. These sweetish sweets are produced in a variety of different ways, with its cognac and cocoa supplements.


Traditional cookies of the Central Asian tribal peoples, especially Turkmens, are cooked today in many countries, such as Turkey, Greece, Russia and ... and in Iran there are souvenirs from some of the cities. The type of Tabriz, known for its bake style to Istanbul Bachlaya, is cooked in the same way as is customary in Turkey. The sweetness is very sweet because it is soured after soup and has its own fans. Baklava combines honey, rose water, sugar soy, milk, flour, oil and yolk eggs. It is produced in rhizome, square and tubular shapes with a variety of flavors such as portions, almonds and coconut.

easily-swallowed candy

The use of this type of sweets that originated in Turkey is very common at night's Yalda festivals and nuts. The main ingredient in its baking is starch, and it has two simple and brawny types. These sweets are produced in different colors and flavors to suit all tastes.


In the pastry, cookies that do not require cooking are called lupus. Lozenges have a variety of varieties that differ in the ingredients, the way they are prepared and the shape they cut. The Tabrizian type of luz is one of the most popular types of sweets that is prepared in a special way from the combination of saffron, sugar powder and rose water. One of the features of Luz Tabriz is the use of almonds or pistachios in addition to the special flavor that gives this sweets, it also affects the quality and shelf life.

Quiet string

This pastry is in the special Tabriz for Ramadan and is known as Tel Kadiyev in countries like Turkey. This biscuit uses a kind of string, which is actually the name of the string on the sweets. In the pastry, this type of baklava is also known as string. The combination of strand, butter and sugar powder forms the main ingredient of this sweet, its flavor is derived from the combination of cinnamon, ginger, mushroom powder and rose, and used to fill it with walnuts or pasta.

Tabriz Nuts

The high quality of Tabriz Nuts has a global reputation and its export to various countries dates back to Qajar period. The reason for the quality of Tabriz nuts is that due to the good weather conditions, most of the dried fruits used in all kinds of nuts, except pistachios, are grown in Tabriz and its surrounding areas. The same access to fresh and diverse dried fruits on one hand and its good and expert preparation make Tabriz nuts the best of nuts in Iran.

Maragheh cognac sweets

One of the most delicious and most famous sweets in the East Azarbaijan province is the sweetheart that is very heartbreaking. These sweets are made from the combination of walnuts, starch, coconut, grape juice, almonds, pistachios, starch, cardamom, walnuts, rose water and sweet apricot kernel. Those who travel to this province can buy this sweets as souvenirs for their friends and relatives.

Maraghe tea sweets (cheese sugar)

Another popular sweets in the province of East Azarbaijan is the Maragheh tea sweets, which is the famous cheese soup of the city. It is said that the history of this sweets is back to many years, and many enthusiasts are fond of this sweets from across the country. In the cooking of East Azarbaijan, roasted tapas use this mixture of cardamom, pineapple, portugal, sugar, lemon and various spices.

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