Faror Island

The Farrukli Island is another Persian Gulf region, located on the north side of the island and in the southeastern part of Kish Island and the southwest of Bandarlang. The Bay of Binh (Fall) Island is said to be.

Admiral Binder, page 65 of the Persian Gulf Book of 1317, wrote:
The northern coast is 23 kilometers south of the low-altitude peak, with an altitude of 145 meters, its length is 7 kilometers and an area of ​​4.5 kilometers. Its population is 50 people and their jobs are fishery and pearl. It has links with the northern and southern slopes, According to Ismail Nurzadeh Bushehri, the depth of the sea around it is about 6. On page (61), Volume 7 of the book Geography of Iran published in June 1330 on Faroure Island.
Mr. Iqbal Yaghmaei, on page 83 of the Persian Gulf, describes the island of Ferrur, the island of Pardaugh, in the form of volcanic rocks in the southwest of Bandar Lengeh. Because of the depth of the water around the island, the approach of the ships It is great, its length is seven kilometers and its width is four kilometers. The lagoon is 148 meters high. An unpopular little bay is about fifteen kilometers to the southwest side of the island.
Depth of water and anchorages:
Farvardara Island is a deep and desirable coastline for wrestling ships, Mr. Razmara, writes about the harbors of the island:
The depth of the sea around the island is a lot of waterborne water, large ships can reach the coast. At the edge of the island, 300 meters of the coast, the depth of water exceeds (30) meters and the island is 200 meters deep, the depth of water is 11 meters and 500 meters The depth of this coast reaches 44 meters and more. The sea crests are everywhere rocky, and this is not a good reason to dock. There is a lot of tide around the island.
The sides and the Faroor Island:
The island is especially surrounded by the northern and eastern coastlines and the southern side of the island. There are several distinct stones, some of which are outside of the water, and the rest of the water are near the western side of the island.
There are two sofas on the island, a larger village in the east of the island and on a lagoon of a river. On the other side there are rocks 50 feet (15/2), and there are rocks around the village. The other one is made up of several volcanic rocky huts near the southern foot of the island It lies in the middle of the millennium of this village and on the high ground of the Garmag Office, which is a quadrangle and a building.
The beaches of the island are often rocks and they have rocks in their forests, in some places there are also small sandy slopes. The best point to get to the island on the sandy beaches is in front of the slum ditch mentioned above. There are many deer in this island and abundant fish in the surrounding waters. is
The height of the highest point of the island is from the sea level (200) meters, in the (19) km south of that is a non-resident island. In the years 25 to 1330, about 100 inhabitants lived on Faroor Island, whose main occupation Fishing was a fish and a moorard but now it is native to the native land ...
Island vegetation and animals:
The vegetation of the island is relatively high, with the exception of the Gramineae and the Gangs and Salmons, and the trees such as the Cretaceous, the side by side, the Squire, the Plateau, and the Veil. The vegetation of the island is about 65 percent.

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